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Richard Jaye, Of Counsel

I have been practicing criminal law since I graduated from UCLA Law School. I began my practice in the Los Angeles Public Defenders Office and eventually transitioned to a private criminal defense practice, serving all of Los Angeles County. I eventually moved to New York City, and began work as a New York City Prosecutor in the felony division. My experience with both sides of the criminal justice system has been invaluable since I moved to Durango.

When I moved to La Plata County, I worked in the District Attorney’s Office, prosecuting felonies. This introduction into the workings of the local criminal justice system gave me insight and familiarity when I resumed my private practice in criminal defense. As a defense attorney, it is my privilege to work tirelessly, with compassion, experience and knowledge of the system to protect my clients to the full extent of the law.



DUI's & License Revocation
All Felonies
All Misdemeanors
Domestic Violence


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Dolores Kanski, Divorce/Family Law

As a family law attorney, I work in La Plata, Montezuma and Archuleta Counties, serving my clients through negotiations, mediation and all court proceedings. The vast amount of people who find themselves in need of a family law attorney are not only trying to cope with their legal problems, but with a great deal of emotion, fear, confusion and a sense of lack of control.  I help my client's through these emotions by learning as much as possible about each individual situation, exploring and explaining all of the possible outcomes, and working diligently to represent each client with dedication and commitment.  

I began my legal career as an attorney was in the District Attorney’s Office in New York City.  I worked in the appeals bureau, researching and writing briefs, arguing before the Appellate Division. I spent about four years in the Special Victims Bureau, where I presented cases to the Grand Jury, worked with detectives, police and in house investigators, forensic, psychological and medical experts, and engaged in countless felony and misdemeanor trials, essentially all of which were before a jury. I investigated and prosecuted crimes against children and the elderly, and all sex crimes. 

Soon after moving to Durango, I began my own law firm, focusing on all areas of family law.



Divorce/Family Law
Child Support


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about our location

We are located in Durango, but serve La Plata, Archuleta and Montezuma Counties. We meet with clients in person, and are willing to work with potential or actual clients via the telephone, if convenient and preferable for them.

Our office is conveniently located in downtown Durango, with ample parking. We are in the Crossroads/Alpine Bank Building, at the northwest corner of Main Avenue and 11th Street, 1099 Main Avenue.  Our office is on the third floor, the last office on the left side, Suite 322.

Metered parking is available on three sides of the building, with the most available spaces usually on the west side of the building along the railroad tracks.

In the lobby of the building is a coffee shop, which is open through early afternoon. Across the street are a variety of food vendors offering breakfast, lunch and dinner.


about us

While Dolores and I practice different areas of law, we are both committed to offering our clients compassionate yet practical advice and representation. We know clients look to their attorney for professional advice and representation, to learn about the reality of their position, and the range of outcomes they might expect. Once the initial fear and shock subside, they want attorneys who will work hard so that they can get the best possible outcome.   

We met and married while working in the District Attorney's Office in New York City. We moved to Durango to be part of a small, close community, in a stunning environment. Our two boys were born and raised in Durango, and are now in the process of looking towards their own futures.