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Divorce/Family Law & Mediation Lawyer

Dolores Kanski, Esq.

As a family law attorney, I work in La Plata, Montezuma and Archuleta Counties, serving my clients through negotiations, mediation and all court proceedings. The vast amount of people who find themselves in need of a family law attorney are not only trying to cope with their legal problems, but with a great deal of emotion, fear, confusion and a sense of lack of control.  I help my client's through these emotions by learning as much as possible about each individual situation, exploring and explaining all of the possible outcomes, and working diligently to represent each client with dedication and commitment.  

My courtroom and legal research and writing experience began before I graduated from law school. I represent my own clients in mediation, and also act as a mediator for people who either represent themselves or are represented by other attorneys.  

During law school I worked for Morgan Associates Chartered as a law clerk. In their employ, I spent countless hours learning the precision and meticulous care necessary to prepare each and every case for any and every possible proceeding.  I was privileged to be accepted as a student intern at the Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Office, located in Brooklyn, New York.  Working in the civil division, I was mentored by an experienced attorney, prepared cases for hearings and trials, and assisted at both.   

My first job as an attorney was in the District Attorney’s Office in New York City.  Soon after being trained to conduct a misdemeanor trial, I spent approximately a year in the appeals bureau. I researched and wrote briefs, submitted them to, and argued before, the Appellate Division.

I transferred to the Special Victims Bureau, where I presented cases to the Grand Jury, worked with detectives, police and in house investigators, forensic, psychological and medical experts, and engaged in countless felony and misdemeanor trials, essentially all of which were before a jury. I investigated and prosecuted crimes against children and the elderly, and all sex crimes. 

After moving to Durango, I worked in a civil law firm, but was compelled to return to the world of helping people in need. I began my own law firm, focusing on all areas of family law.


I earned my law degree from Washington College of Law at American University in Washington D.C.

I obtained a Bachelor in Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Delaware


Special Moments

I was offered and accepted membership in Law Review. In my third year of law school I was the unexpected recipient of the Arant, Fox Scholarship. The donor law firm conducted a yearly search for a recipient from the five law schools in Washington, DC. The scholarship allowed me to complete my third year of law school tuition free. While that was an invaluable gift, their unexpected act of kindness and generosity remains one of the most defining moments in my life. 

Bar Admissions: Colorado, New York